Friday, 18 July 2014

Connecting to Twitter's REST API v1.1 with R - Part2

This is in continuation to my last blog Connecting to Twitter's REST API v1.1 with R - Part1, where I have already explained setting up Twitter account to access Twitter APIs from R platform. Here, we will look into creating handshake between R Studio and Twitter APIs.

We require few other details from Twitter Application. Open your application and go to Details Tab:
We will use these tokens (Request URL,  Authorize URL, Access URL) while creating handshake with Twitter APIs from R.

The first and foremost important thing after this is to install R studio or simply R environment from here. I am not going deep into how to install R and other setups. 

Install Package in R console:
To access Twitter APIs from R, you must install few packages in R. Go to R console and write the following code:

install.Packages("twitteR"). #This will install other dependent packages like ROAuth, RCurl, and others.

Load Packages:
library(twitteR). #This will load the package required to access the Twitter APIs. It will load the dependent packages as well.

Create Authorization Object:

requestURL <-  "<your Request  URL as indicated in above figure>"
accessURL <-  "<your Access    URL as indicated in above figure>"
authURL      <-  "<your Authorize URL as indicated in above figure>"
consumerKey <-  "<your API key from API keys tab in Twitter App>" # See my blog Part1
consumerSecret <-  "<your API secret from API keys tab in Twitter App>" # See my blog Part1 

Create Handshake Object:

Cred <- OAuthFactory$new(consumerKey=consumerKey,

Download CA certificate as follows:
download.file(url="", destfile="cacert.pem")

Create Handshake using CA certificate:
Cred$handshake(cainfo = system.file("CurlSSL", "cacert.pem", package = "RCurl"))

You will get a response as follows, if your handshake is successful:
To enable the connection, please direct your web browser to:
When complete, record the PIN given to you and provide it here:

Copy the above URL and paste it in web browser. You will be asked to authorize the app:

Click on Authorize button. You will receive a key:
Copy this Key and paste it in the R console before hitting ENTER button.

Next, register this authorization:

This completes your authorization process. Now you are ready to go ahead in accessing the twitter APIs.

You can access any user's followers count as follows:
getUser("<user name>",cainfo="cacert.pem")$friendsCount

Now you can start your Data Mining and analysis using twitter data.

Thanks for reading my blog. Look forward for my next blog on R.



  1. Great blog.. It helped a lot.. thanks..

  2. Hi Rocky, I am facing an issue in the final handshake step
    Cred$handshake(cainfo = system.file("CurlSSL", "cacert.pem", package = "RCurl"))
    I get the below error, could you pls help?
    Error in function (type, msg, asError = TRUE) : couldn't connect to host